Mediterranean Travel Destination – Ten Magical Things to Savor in Datca

Imagine walking along the lovely sands of a beach in Datca and stumbling upon a magic lamp. Upon rubbing it, a genie comes out and tells you she’ll grant you one wish. What would you do?

While it’s easy to wish for all the wealth in the world, you don’t really need that just to get the best of your vacation in Datca. We suggest you think of something else because we have compiled the top ten things you must savor on your trip to this wonderland. No need to search for nine more magic lamps to get more wishes granted. Most of these things are priceless.

10. Restaurants

While you won’t need the magic works of a genie, you’ll definitely need to shell out some money to taste the best dishes in this town. Don’t worry because you can savor a sumptuous meal here without breaking the bank. No need to go to the city, either, because right by the beach you can see an abundance of cafes, restaurants and bars. Make sure, of course, to sample Datca’s seafood fresh from the ocean.

9. Trekking grounds

There’s no better way to digest that five-course meal than by trekking the breathtaking grounds of the peninsula. We bet you’ll learn the true art of walking with the sight of the rich flora and the hidden waterfalls.

8. Festivals

Who says Datca is all about food and nature? This town happens to be the breeding ground of art. Get heavy doses of art, history and culture by experiencing Datca’s festivals. You have a choice among the bull fight shows, culture and art festival, Almond festival, Can Yucel Festival and many more.

7. Beaches and Coves

Blue, green, and azure. These are colors dominating Datca’s breathtaking scenery with its wealth of unspoiled coves and beaches. Only here can you experience getting a cool dip in the Aegean sea in the morning and another one in the Mediterranean Sea at dusk.

6. Water Sports

If wading in the ocean or getting a nice tan is not your idea of fun, we recommend you try some water sports. Satisfy your craving for adventure by taking your pick from diving, yachting, wind surfing and sailing.

5. Silk

If Saturday is your favorite day of the week, you’ll love it even more with the Saturday market in Datca. Here you’ll find the talent of locals in needle work with the wealth of silk handicrafts around. Make sure you buy a piece or two as you won’t find silk more beautiful than the Datca silk in the whole of Turkey.

4. Three B’s

You’ve heard of them before. This peninsula is known among its neighboring islands for its bal, badem, and balik (honey, almonds, and fish). So better treat yourself to this tasteful trio.

3. Air

We’re not kidding. Any traveler who’s been to Datca says there’s something about the air here that makes it so refreshing. It’s probably the wealth of thyme, almond trees or pine groves around. Whatever it is, it’s just too bad you can’t place this one in jars and take it home with you.

2. Eski Datca

It’s not everyday you see ancient Greek houses set against the marvelous sights and sounds of the ocean. In Eski Datca, you get just that plus more with the narrow cobbled streets and carved doorways.

1. Knidos

If you can’t get enough of Datca’s rich heritage, we recommend you drop by Knidos. This ancient city showcases the stunning ruins of a wealthy civilization. Make sure you climb the lighthouse to get a spectacular view of the city, especially during sunset when everything gets even more breathtaking.

Savoring the Magical Town

So who needs magic when you’re in Datca? Maybe a good wish you can ask your genie is the gift of teleportation. That way, you can always go back to this magical town whenever you fancy.

Clyde Peelings Reptiland in Pennsylvania – A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland is a great place to visit if you like exotic reptiles! You will see pythons, cobras, vipers, mambas, huge alligators, and plenty of other exotic reptiles and amphibians. The zoo is AZA accredited and specializes in reptiles. It is great to visit any time of year, but during the summer you can see birds, tortoises, and iguanas in tropical gardens outdoors.

Many zoos focus on big animals like lions and tigers; however Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland focuses more on the animals people love to hate. You will be mesmerized when looking at poisonous snakes whose bites are fatal, all the while safely located behind thick glass! It is truly amazing to get a close look at these animals and know that they are an important part of the environment.

Since these reptiles are displayed in a way that is entreating, yet safe, visitors will find themselves amazed at the animals they were once scared of. There are some amazing looking snakes on display that are notoriously dangerous. There are multimedia presentations, time to ask the experts questions, as well as a time to touch animals that are harmless.

Here at Reptiland you will learn the difference between the skins of crocodiles, snakes, and turtles. You will also be able to learn how rattlesnakes move across hot sand. There are trivia games that are fun and entertaining as well as exhibits that will truly educate you on amphibians in ways you never dreamed.

Reptiland is open all year and visits take about 90 minutes to see all of the shows and exhibits. It is recommended to arrive just before a show and then guide yourself through the rest of the park. However, there is no time limit on how long you can stay in the park. The park offers free parking and it is wheelchair accessible.

The Capital City of Palma: Mallorca’s Top Tourist Destination

If mixing leisure along with activity-filled water sports adventures is your idea of an ideal summer vacation, then visiting Palma, the capital city of the Balearic Islands in Spain is the right choice for you. Palma is the largest city on this archipelago and is situated on the south coast of Majorca/Mallorca. Situated on the Bay of Palma, the Palma de Mallorca Airport caters to over 22 million passengers each year.

Major Tourist attractions in Palma de Mallorca

Considering the number of tourists which visit this place every year, the popularity of this destination can be easily imagined. So whether you love walking, biking, shopping, para-sailing, scuba-diving, and swimming or simply lazing around, Palma has something for each of your taste.

The Gothic cathedral, La Seu which is popularly known as Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma is one of the places which you can visit before starting to explore the capital further. After taking the blessings of Lord Jesus, you can explore this 121 metres long, 55 metres wide building. This church is designed in the Catalan Gothic style and was built by the Crown of Aragon in 1229. However, the Northern European influences had made many changes in the design and the final construction was completed in 1601.

Considering the vintage of the building, it is a popular spot for the archaeologists and geologists too. This beautiful structure overlooks the Parc de la Mar and the Mediterranean Sea, and spending a few hours here will fill you with eternal serenity and calmness.

The Royal Palace of La Almudaina, is the Alcázar or fortified palace of Palma. It is known as Palacio Real de La Almudaina in Spanish and it is situated opposite the Palma Cathedral. In the 14th century, this place was used as the official royal residence by the monarchs, however, now is owned by the Spanish government.

In the present days, the Royal Family uses the palace as an official residence for ceremonies, for entertaining distinguished guests and for organising state receptions. United States President Bill Clinton stayed for a short duration at the Palace on July 5, 1995.

If you are looking for replenishing your lungs, then taking a hiking trip to Serra de Tramuntana, mountain range will be an ideal thing to do. Tramuntana Range was awarded as a World Heritage site Status by UNESCO and it is located on the north and west of the Palma city borders.

Climbing to the highest range of Puig Major, which, at 1,445 metres from the sea level will be a major achievement. After conquering the highest peak in this range, you may choose to proceed towards the second highest peak of Puig de Massanella. Taking a biking trip along the foot of this mountain range too will be a very refreshing experience.

Bellver Castle which is known as Castell de Bellver in Spanish was built by King James II of Majorca in the 14th century. The architecture embodies the Gothic style, and it is located on a hill 3 km to the west of the center of Palma.

After it was initially built, it was used as the residence of the Kings of Majorca. Throughout the 18th to mid-20th century, this enormous enclosure was used as a military prison. In 1931, this castle changed hands and the Spanish Second Republic gave the castle to the city of Palma and it became the city’s History museum in 1932. It was restored in 1976. Built between 1879 and 1885, this castle has a chapel dedicated to Saint Alphonsis Rodriguez.

You may also choose to book the Palma de Mallorca Bike Tour and have an activity filled day. There will be a guide throughout the tour and you will have to don the protective helmet while taking this bike tour. You will get a chance to visit the Basilica of St Francesco and Palma Cathedral (La Seu) en route. Before ending your trip glide to the Plaza España Square and enjoy a refreshing complimentary drink and a plate of tapas.

Apart from these popular destinations, one can visit the Palma aquarium, Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation in Mallorca, Llotja de Palma, The Convent of San Francisco de Palma de Mallorca and many other historical monuments in this city and the adjoining areas. Enjoy a relaxing holiday complete with sun bathing, swimming, kayaking and other water sports during these summer vacations.